Weekly Themes

πŸ¦‹ A little ant on a stick – it’s the SkakAnka Picnic! 🐜

Acrobatic and Climbing Serial – Season 2018/2019, Episode: 35 (Premium I)

In SkakAnka next week, the next edition of the Great Picnic. πŸ“… Picnic, which unquestionable advantage is – apart from great fun at gymnastic and climbing activities – complete independence from weather conditions! ☁️
On our trip, each of our participants will be able to take a plush companion 🧸 and start the classes with an active walk through the SkakAnka Forest. 🌳
Our gymnasts 🀸 are also waiting for some of the tasks that are characteristic of early May, namely: pitching the tent on the SkakAnka Glade β›Ί or overcoming the Great Anthill. 🐜
Our climbers πŸ§— will join this blissful camping by going through the climbing around the rainbow arc 🌈 and while bouldering they will beautifully decorate the picnic blanket. 🧺 At the end of this cakes and ale, we are even closer to the bosom of nature, because we are going to imitate one of the representatives of the beetle’s order. πŸ¦—

Which one? You have to find out in SkakAnka yourself! 😊