Get to know SkakAnka

To us kids are the most important!

SkakAnka was launched with the aim to provide kids with a place which nurtures their mental and physical development whereas their parents with a friendly environment. We love kids and we care about their parents who can enjoy their time while the kids are exercising, developing new skills and playing.

Do you look after a toddler who is growing very fast, is curious about the world and bursting with energy? Pop into SkakaAnka! The Academy of Friskers, Climbers and Gymnasts is a place for babies as young as four months old as well as an older child may find this place inspiring. It is not a typical playground but a climbing wall and acrobatic runways. In other words, it is overall development while having fun. We want SkakAnka to encourage both physical and mental growth as it is commonly known that ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Our exceptionally wide range of sports, climbing and gymnastic classes along with unforgettable birthday parties and many more attractions will ensure that. Learn more.

The activities for the youngest were designed by our instructors who have gained considerable experience of working with kids satisfying their needs and what is of crucial importance enjoy greatly kids’ company. While playing children acquire new skills although they are not aware that they learn at the same time. Smart fun affects child’s development, interests, stirs imagination and concentration. Games and group activities make kids develop their natural ability to solve problems and overcome obstacles they encounter. They learn what healthy competition involves and how it feels to succeed or fail. Interaction with peers stimulates social development thanks to which they learn to cooperate and establish proper relations with others.

Physical activity on a regular basis is indispensable for kids and teenagers not only to strengthen their muscles or increase fitness but also to proper intellectual and social development. Getting involved in physical activities facilitates better results at school.

Sport, fun and recreation is a great way to foster values and ideas which children will encounter throughout their entire lifetime. It is sport and fun which support friendship and fair play which is so crucial though frequently ignored. They show how to surmount obstacles, how to work in a team and teach respect and discipline. This is sport which helps the young be prepared to face challenges in their adult life.

For children

Grow up with SkakAnka!

Climbing – We give classes both for a jolly toddler or a solemn teenager. A parent can also find a challenge for themselves. Professional and CE-approved, dedicated to kids but featuring many demanding climbing routes even for an older climber – that’s what our climbing wall is! Everyone can turn to our experienced instructors and the group they are in for support as our coaches are professionals. The groups consists of a maximum of 12 people and are divided according to age and skill level.

Is your kid not as agile as its peers, although he/she is eager to move and play? You think that climbing classes are not right for them? Quite the contrary! Visit SkakAnka as here everyone can scale the walls according to our bespoke set of exercises.

Gymnastics – Sport and fun are indispensable elements to overall development of every child. Our sports classes are both for babies as young as four months old and for children and teenagers. Our programme covers various sports disciplines which are closely bound to the current season of the year. At our disposal we have professional gear and accessories such as parallel and uneven bars, high and low balance beams, still rings, rope and rope ladder up to the ceiling, and inflatable gymnastic runways with the help of which all flips and tumbles are sheer joy and pleasure. The gymnastic classes are conducted by our professional physiotherapists, instructors, coaches in the groups of up to 12 participants divided according to their age and skill level ensuring balanced motor development in every child.


What do we have for Mom?

Relax with SkakAnka while your kid is learning having fun

Java and more – We serve delicious coffee variations, however, for those who do not fancy it we offer numerous types of tee, freshly made lemonade, mineral water and seasonal smoothies. What to snack? Fruit snacks and nibbles of course. Something sweet? Yummy cakes by Michałek, the best cake shop in town, are on sale here. Take a seat in our café or sit on a comfy pouffe and indulge in pleasure.

Library and the reading room of the books already read – If you have any book which you are not going to read again, please bring it to SkakAnka. We will attach an ex libris bookplate to it and share with other readers who do not know it yet. Have you found anything you have not read yet, take it home, read it and bring it back. Someone would like to read it too. Waiting for your child you spotted a book which is so unputdownable that you want to finish at home, so take it with you, read and return it when the opportunity occurs.

When you need to surf the net, feel free to use our Wi-Fi.

The things you will not find here: junk food, chips full of E additives, fizzy drinks and other similar offenders against good health.