Weekly Themes

🐻 Maneuvers with Wojtek, the soldier bear πŸ™Œ

Acrobatic and Climbing Serial – Season 2017/2018, Episode:10


We celebrate our country’s independence πŸ‡΅πŸ‡± this week and traditionally we want to spend this event while experiencing a gymnastic and climbing adventure with Wojtek at SkakAnka. The only soldier bear 🐻 who, during the struggle for independence of Poland, traveled with the Polish army and helped in the hard labor of the soldier’s life.
Together with Wojtek, we will try our best in various activities that are not for every soldier. We will test you in the drill, gymnastics maneuvers on the training ground and moving and operating in trenches πŸ‘Œ.
Our climbers will get to know what it is to be responsible for the fate of another person πŸ‘«, when in pairs, tangled with each other, they will get to the Monte Cassino β›° and conquer. We will also check their proficiency in operations with climbing equipment πŸ”—, which are essential to every sapper, and agility and accuracy when tackling the minefield.
The final test will be unnoticed in the pursuit of the Fort of SkakAnka, guarded by the watchful and awake Instructor-Observer. πŸ”­

Are you ready for maneuvers with us.. and Wojtek?