SkakAnka is the best place for children in Cracow.
We provide attractions such us: climbing, gymnastics and acrobatics!

Our Offer

Climbing wall

We would like to invite all brave children to innovative climbing classes for children and youth. Classes are conducted on our brand new and safe climbing wall. This program is dedicated to the youngest customers and was worked out by our climbing instructors. This offer is prepared not only for children in the age of 3 and above, but also for grown ups!


Sport and fun are necessary elements for development of every child. Our classes are dedicated not only for children in the age of 4 months but also for teenage youths! Our program consists of multiple sport disciplines connected with current season. On our disposal we have professional gear and accessories such as: parallel bars, beams, steady rings, tall rope and rope ladder, and children favorite inflatable gymnastic paths.

Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties focus on providing an amazing fun for the children by safe play! Treasuse hunting on the top of a mountain, overcoming multiple obstacles and crossing the river of flaming lava, searching for pearls hidden in the depths of a labyrinth, discovering secret passages in the jungle, magic ways to conquer the glass mountain, tracking suspicious tracks, finding the hidden password, searching for the lost password, visiting elves, saving the world from the dragon’s paws, organizing the journey to the outer space, knights tournament or the ball in Queen SkakAnka’s castle, close meeting with robots in cyberspace are just few of our prepared birthday party themes!

Day Camps

This gymnastic-climbing fun in the form of whole-day classes is dedicated for children in the age of 4 years and above. Every day we conduct individually worked out scenario, which consists of fun-based exercises, all-developmental classes, excursions and playing out side. All of that under professional supervision of SkakAnka’s instructors. Board contains mid-morning snack, two-course hot meal at the time of lunch, fresh fruit for dessert and spring water available without any constraints.

Rock climbing

On sunny and warm days we climb in rocks! Our instructors are going to lead climbing classes in the fresh air for three hours each week.

Company events

We kindly invite you to organize a company event for children in the SkakAnka. We can prepare special activities for the Children’s Day, the St. Nicholas Day, the St. Andrew’s Day, the Carnival, the end of the school year or just integration meetings.

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About us

Academy of Climbers and Gymnasts is a place dedicated for children in age of 4 months old and above. It is not a typical playground – it is a facility which consists of a climbing wall, a gymnasium and is also equipped with bi-level playground and inflatables.

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What do we have?

  • Developing climbing classes
  • Comprehensive gymnastics classes
  • Individual classes
  • Simple suspension bridge
  • Tyrolean ziplinning
  • Unforgettable birthday parties
  • Creative day camps
  • Bi-level playground
  • Toodlers corner
  • Relax for parents
  • Live view of the gymnasium and climbing wall
  • Delicious coffee, moreish tea, hot chocolate
  • Free Wi-Fi

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