Weekly Themes

πŸ‘‹ Say ‘Hi!’ to Magi! 🀴

Acrobatic and Climbing Serial – Season 2019/2020, Episode: E(P)/19

The third consecutive Premium Week in SkakAnka ➰ we are celebrating, and at the same time we’ll be crowning the Christmas season πŸ₯³.
This week, we will set off on a journey with gifts from SkakAnka together with three little snowMegi β›„β›„β›„ and check how they find themselves in their naturally hostile desert environment. We start the activities from Wise Men Trekking 🀴🀴🀴 with exercises worthy of their post 🀸.
Our gymnasts 🀸 will then face the opposites and difficulties of travelling through the desert 🏜️ overcoming, among others, Moving Sands πŸ–οΈ and Great Dunes ⚠️. They will also check how demanding it is to prepare materials ❄️❄️❄️ for building snowmen at extremely positive temperatures 🌑️.
Our climbers πŸ§— while facing the hardships of travelling through the desert 🏜️ will try Snowman Climbing β›„, i.e. climbing when they have rounded shapes …
At the end of our crossing, we will have to rebuild our snowmen βšͺβšͺβšͺ because the journey 🧳 will have a severe impact on them πŸ’§πŸ’§πŸ’§.

See you at SkakAnka!