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🎼 Quito, Beijing, Casablanca? They’re Musicians of SkakAnka! 🎵

Acrobatic and Climbing Serial – Season 2018/2019, Episode: 38 (29)

There is a week full of dancing and singing ahead with 🥁 Musicians from SkakAnka. We invite all musicians 🎹 to this amazing, gymnastic-climbing festival of sounds 🎶.
The classes will start with a great Parade of Musicians 👨🎤, during which everyone will be able to pitch for the rest of the class.
Our acrobats 🤸 in addition to playing with sounds and instruments will also be able to develop their skills on the high rod 🎺 and bring the back roll to a higher level trying to do it in the air 🎷!
Our climbers 🧗 are waiting to reach high 🎵 sounds while climbing between the tambourines and bouldering in order to get musical tokens.
The summary of the classes will be the 🥁 Great 🎺 SkakAnka Concert 🎻🎸.

Play with us this week in SkakAnka!