Weekly Themes

🦁 Hurry, hurry, set out on a safari! πŸ¦’

Acrobatic and Climbing Serial – Season 2018/2019, Episode: 37 (28)

This week in SkakAnka we’re setting forth a great SAFARI! πŸ˜πŸ¦πŸ… Together with our brave climbers and acrobats, we will go to the savannah 🌾 in search of various species of wild animals. 🦍 We will be able to get to know some of them, their names, habits and other important information already during the warm-up. πŸ“‹
Our gymnasts 🀸 during their classes will be able to deepen this knowledge by strengthening themselves more strongly in the characters of individual animals, ie: lion 🦁, leopard πŸ†, chimpanzee πŸ’, giraffe πŸ¦’, crocodile 🐊 or hippopotamus. πŸ¦›
Our climbers πŸ§— are waiting to master the art of approaching very closely observed animals 🐯 during boulders and climbing the rod on a high baobab 🌳 in order to find the best place to make the perfect photo. πŸ“·
At the end of the activities everyone will have a pound test πŸ“ on knowledge about previously known animals.

You can not miss it, so everyone: hurry, hurry, set out on a SkakAnkari! 😊