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🌵 SkakAnka in the Wild West 🤠

Acrobatic and Climbing Serial – Season 2017/2018, Episode: 30


🤩 There is another exciting week ahead of us at SkakAnka! 😁 🙃
This time with our Friskers we will visit the prairies and deserts 🏜️ of the Wild West 🤠.
Our brave gymnasts 🤸♀️ will face to a lot of cowboy and Indian activities, such as riding wild mustangs 🐎 🏇, setting up a wigwam 🏕️, stagecoach heist 📯 or rodeobatics 🐃.
Our climbers 🧗 will try the traverse through the lasso and will face Indian trial, where their courage will be awarded by the Indian Feather 🦅. We will also mark the route 🛤️ for the Iron Bison 🐮, that is for the railway track 🚂 leading all the way to the west coast 🌊.
The summary of our struggles will be a competition in the accuracy of the throwing the SkakAnka Lasso➰ !!!

Visit the Wild West at SkakAnka!!!