Weekly Themes

🔮 We predict good fun at SkakAnka 🕯️

Acrobatic and Climbing Serial – Season 2017/2018, Episode: 13


In the near future, in SkakAnka, we are divining 🧚 the extremely mysterious and magical week!
In the coming week, we celebrate St. Andrew’s 👨 Day called Andrzejki and on this occasion divination and predictions will accompany us during gymnastic and climbing activities.
A lot of divination, among other things, with the use of a special key 🗝️ and a draw of symbolic prophecies concerning various aspects of their future life 🔮 awaits for our SkakAnkers.
In order to get to know their “future” profession, passion, travels awaiting for them or the name of the chosen one, climbers will have to get to the ceiling, where they will draw fortune-telling cards from suspended bags 🃏 and the estimated time of meeting them will be measured on the Andrew’s Clock. 🕰️
Our gymnasts, in order to learn this information 📝, will face many acrobatic challenges, such as a straddled forward roll or hangs and inverted hangs on gymnastic rings. 🤩
At the end, the Future-Teller-SkakAnka-Instructor 🧙 will make attempts to interpret the drawn predictions and reveal the mystery of the future that awaits them.

We predict good fun at SkakAnka 🤣!