Day Camps

Expedition To The Seven Summits!

We invite all kids aged 4 and over to join our Day Camps during WINTER HOLIDAYS from 12 February to 23 February 2018!

Within two weeks of winter holidays we will stand atop the Seven Summits crowned with the Polish Jewel! During our gymnastics and climbing hikes we will ascend the highest peaks of all the continents!!! Although there are seven continents, we will climb as many as ten summits! The route we are planning to take will form a genuine crown-shaped figure 👑!
To pursue our goal we will travel back in time and listen to the stories of the Poles who as the first Polish explorers took up the challenge of ascending the peaks of this outstanding crown 😊!

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In the first week we will ascend the western part of the SEVEN SUMMITS embarking on exciting adventures and encountering the spirits of mountains as well as the first Polish discoverers of these treasures.

The first day of our western adventure along with the first Pole who reached the destination in 1910, Antoni Jakubski, we will climb the highest peak of Africa to listen to the story about the name of the LONELIEST mountain of the world. We will learn why Kibo and Manwezi dislike each other and who Ruwa is. During our gymnastic adventures we will meet the guardians of sainthood and know their kari ko ruwa whereas the aim of our climbing struggles will be getting an ikat.
On the second day we will travel back in time to the year 1818 to set off on a journey with Antoni Malczewski, the first Pole to summit the highest mountain of Europe! During the expedition we will trace Dahu, an Alpine creature which as the only one in the world has a unique feature… What is it? We will discover it on our climb up! We will measure the current elevation of this variable WHITE peak and learn why the elevation needs to be updated so frequently!
The third day we will spend climbing in the Andes along with four Poles, Stefan Daszyński, Konstanty Narkiewicz-Jodko, Stefan Osiecki and Wiktor Ostrowski, and in the year 1934 we will beat the current Polish altitude record and lay out a new route to the highest peak of South America traversing el Ventisquero de los Polacos!!! We will play Andean roulette and thanks to native Inca tribes we will talk to the STONE GUARDIAN.
The challenge of the fourth day will be the highest peak of North America in the Alaska Range! We will ascend this GREAT summit with Marek Głogoczowski in 1970. We will listen to the story of brave Yako and of the origins of the Alaska Range. We will also learn who the Master of the Skies is and what happened when animals robbed the bear of the bag with chinook.
The last day of the first week we will head for Ellsworth Land in the company of Mariola Popińska to conquer the highest summit of the coldest continent on Earth in 1995. We will learn what NUNATAKS are and why their bottom section is angular whereas the upper one is jagged. We will find out what the origins of the name of this continental ice desert are and which animals are able to breed in winter in temperatures below 90°C and… if there are any lakes!


In the second week accompanied by the fearless Polish travellers we will trace the eastern part of the Seven Summits to finally crown them with the Polish pearl!!!

The first day of the second week of the day camp we will spend climbing the highest peak of the unique country-continent! As the first mountaineers in the world we will set off there in 1840 joining the expedition of our fellow countryman, Paweł Edmund Strzelecki! We will thoroughly explore the Great Dividing Range to find out how the highest peak acquired its name and what KOZYJOSKO and KOZZIE mean. We will travel in Dream Time in which we will encounter the Sun-Mother and Rainbow Serpent as well as investigate the formation of the Australian Alps.
On the second day we will leave for Indonesia to ascend Victory Peak as Indonesians call the highest mountain of Australia and Oceania! We will accomplish the mission cooperating with Jerzy Kostrzewa, the first Pole who summited the peak in 1999. While trekking we will meet Men of Trees who live in treetops of the rain forest and discover the taste of sago. On our way to BAENGGELA, that is to Mother Earth, we will have to watch out for Laleo.
On the third day we will pay a visit to GODDESS MOTHER of SNOWS who dwells on the top of the highest mountain of both Asia and of the world. Along with Wanda Rutkiewicz, the first Polish woman to summit in 1978, we will leave a memorial pebble brought from Poland! On our way back after awakening the spirits of appropriate powers, we will visit a mysterious land of Shamballa and… pay a visit to Czenrezig and Sinmo, progenitors of Tibetan dwellers. Maybe thanks to their hints we will manage to open the Door to the Mysterious Valley, Gonpo Ri! However, beware of Yeti!!!
The fourth day will be devoted to trekking to the ninth summit of our crown i.e. the highest peak of Eurasia 😊. Our expedition will be headed by unforgettable Jerzy Rudnicki in 1956, nicknamed Druciarz as he was capable of fixing everything with the help of wire… We will have to be watchful as ETERNAL MOUNT, which suspends the sky on its two peaks, jealously guards its secrets and is notorious for its inaccessibility. We will help the chief of Narts, Nasren the Long-Bearded, with recovering fire from the merciless god Pako… Our dreams may come true as the Mountain of Eternal Happiness can do so. There is, however, one condition: we have to say them out loud.
We will finish our week on the fifth day reaching for the pearl of our expedition – ascending the highest mountain in the Polish Tatras and one of Europe’s Summits!!! We will make it together with Marie Skłodowska-Curie in 1899 when skirts were a typical female garment whereas hiking trails did not exist yet at that time. On our trek up we will learn who gave the name to the highest Polish peak, what its origins are and which peaks are MORSKIE OKO and WAGA. On our way back we will visit the Sleeping Knights and perform a task assigned by Kuba, gazda who is a landowner in Podhale region. And thanks to Jaś, a little shepherd, we will find out what treasure is hidden at the foot of the Polish Tatras.


These adventures – ONLY AT SKAKANKA!



  • WEEK I:
    • DAY 1. – 12.02.2018 – Kilimanjaro
    • DAY 2. – 13.02.2018 – Mont Blanc
    • DAY 3. – 14.02.2018 – Aconcagua – outgoing day
    • DAY 4. – 15.02.2018 – Denali
    • DAY 5. – 16.02.2018 – Vinson
  • WEEK II:
    • DAY 1. – 19.02.2018 – Kosciuszko
    • DAY 2. – 20.02.2018 – Puncak Jaya
    • DAY 3. – 21.02.2018 – Mount Everest – outgoing day
    • DAY 4. – 22.02.2018 – Mount Elbrus
    • DAY 5. – 23.02.2018 – Rysy



Monday – stationary day
Tuesday – stationary day
Wednesday – outing/trip day
Thursday – stationary day
Friday – stationary day

*Outings/trips as well as some activities will depend on weather conditions.



8.00-8.30 – Children assemble
8.30-10.00 – Group gymnastics activity
10.00-10.30 – Break for a snack (‘second breakfast’)
10.30-12.00 – Group climbing activity
12.00-12.45 – Lunch break
12.45-13.30 – Mind gymnastics
13.30-15.00 – Group activity in teams (games and plays), outdoors if possible
15.00-15.30 – Tea break (fruit and beverages)
15.30-16.30 – Artistic crafts
16.30-17.00 – End of day and collection of children


Each outing/trip day has an individual plan. The beginning and end of the day as well as meal times remain unchanged.
8.00-8.30 – Children’s arrival and beginning
16.30-17.00 – End of day and collection of children



Total cost of one week is PLN 650
One can book single days which cost PLN 140 each.

  1. Purchase of more than one week half day camp:
    • a 5% discount on every following week,
  2. Purchase of half day camp for siblings:
    • second sibling receives a 5% discount,
    • third sibling gets a 10% discount,
    • fourth and the next sibling gets a 15% discount,
  3. If the reservation has been made and the entire participation fee paid:
    • by 13th January 2018 – a 10% discount,
    • from 14th January to 20 January 2018 – a 5% discount.

The fee covers the supervision and classes with highly-qualified instructors, scheduled daily activities ranging from all day frisking and climbing, recreational gymnastics, meals such as snacks, two-course lunch, tee time, free spring water without any limit and ride fares.
The fee does not cover admissions and tickets required for off-site visits in a given week.



To make a reservation, one has to either send an e-mail with the subject line: WINTER FRISKING 2018 – PARTICIPANT’S FULL NAME, giving all the personal details such as PARTICIPANT’S FULL NAME, AGE, THE FIRST AND LAST DAY OF THE PARTICIPANT’S STAY, LEGAL GUARDIAN’S FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER AND E-MAIL ADDRESS or fill out a form below and once the preliminary reservation has been confirmed, the entire participation fee for a day camp should be paid at the cash desk or into the CSE SkakAnka bank account: 61 1950 0001 2006 0563 2857 0002, one week at the latest prior to the first day of day camp on which the reservation has been made.
If the payment has not been made within the period stated, the booking will be cancelled.

Subject: WINTER FRISKING 2018 – Ewa Kowalska
Ewa Kowalska, 7 years old, 12.02-16.02, Anna Kowalska 123 456 789, anna.kowalska@


Winter Frisking at SkakAnka

Expedition to the Seven Summits!

Week I

DAY 1. – 12.02.2018 – Kilimanjaro - BOOKED
DAY 2. – 13.02.2018 – Mont Blanc - BOOKED
DAY 3. – 14.02.2018 – Aconcagua – outgoing day - BOOKED
DAY 4. – 15.02.2018 – Denali - BOOKED

Week II

DAY 1. – 19.02.2018 – Kosciuszko - BOOKED
DAY 4. – 22.02.2018 – Mount Elbrus - BOOKED
DAY 5. – 23.02.2018 – Rysy - BOOKED

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