Day Camps

It is gymnastic and climbing fun in the form of day-long classes designed for children as young as four year-olds and up. Each day we play out a tailored-made scenario which involves day-long frisking, full-body exercises, outings, outdoor games under the professional supervision of instructors at Skakanka. The menu includes breakfast snack, two-course meal with a compote at lunch time and fruit at tea time as well as spring water freely available.

Day camps at Skakanka are the best active leisure time for children in the city!

👻👻👻 Holidays with Ghosts 👻👻👻

During our two-month holiday break all the Friskers are welcome to join us on our exciting tours visiting the Polish castles, their stories and secrets. All this will happen in a dusty atmosphere of local folk tales and legends.
It will take us 10 weeks to travel between the historical past and the present days, between the truth and the legend, between the adventure and the mysteriousness! And all this in the atmosphere of active entertainment 😀 while climbing 🧗‍♀️ and doing the gymnastics 🤸‍♂️ in the company of apparitions of the past 😱, playful little ghosts 👻, fulfilled and unfulfilled hopes💕 but as well as… in the company of banished spectres 😨.

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Our thrilling adventure begins in Malbork, in the mediaeval three-castle(!) stronghold of the Teutonic Knights haunted by the spectre of Ulrich von Jungingen. We will listen to the story of smart Heinrich von Plauen. We will break into the Teutonic treasury, cross Grzmiący Most (the Thunder Bridge) at midnight peeping into a Teutonic crypt and go through a secret tunnel as far as to Nowy Staw (the New Pond)…
The next stop on our castle route will be Nidzica where in the 14th century Masurian castle hand in hand with the spirit of Wilhelm von Eppingen, ruthless Teutonic prosecutor, we will listen to spooky stories of this sight. We will encounter brave Nowak who single-handed defeated the Tatars. We will visit the petrified water carrier, look for a way to break the spell of Topnik, get out of Błędne Wały (the Ramparts which Lead Us Astray) and try to rescue a resident of the underground palace – the Alluring Maiden.
In Gniew, the third fortress on our route, we will meet a good ghost of Sigismund von Ramungen, the thrifty commander (komtur). We will learn why the coat of arms of Gniew features a gull carrying a fish in its beak, what was formed in a raging battle between Nogatka and Leniwka, what the origin of the name Księżycowa Ostoja (the Lunar Bulwark) is and finally along with Gbur we will set off to meet the soldier ghosts at Grabina.
The fourth destination we will arrive at is the fortified Czocha Castle located in the border town of Sucha. The castle is … a Polish Hogwart which once housed the school of coders of the German Abwehr! Mischievous Gertrude, the White Lady of the fortress, will be our guide. We will cross Most Żałobników (the Bridge of Mourners), flee from the famous nuptial bed, rescue a beautiful castellan, Barbara, from the Hussites as well as we will attempt to hunt for the famous hidden treasure of Gutschow.
From Sucha we will move to Książ, the third largest castle in Poland, protected by a good spirit of Duchess Daisy! We will meet the One Who Brings Sparking Stones, discover who frightened the Duchess Daisy, what made one of the towers unconquerable and what happened to the stolen treasures… Finally, at the end of our stay in the stronghold we will see what the Hitler’s future headquarters were like and will try to find the lost underground passages of the bunkers.
The next site featured in our itinerary is Bobolice located on the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests. In the stronghold, once inhabited by a beautiful Pale Lady, overlooking the ancient Polish-Silesian border we will make an attempt to find a treasure hidden by two brothers in a secret passage leading from the castle to the neighbouring stronghold at Mirów… We will set out to search for special herbs growing on the meadows at Kroczyce which will enable us to recognise an authentic witch! However, we should beware of night female and male demons and frolicking bogeymen in the Sokole Mountains.
In Ogrodzieniec, the seventh stop en route, in the grand castle, which once competed with Wawel, haunted by a black dog embodying the horrid castellan Warszycki, we will listen to the story about two greedy brothers as well as to the legend about love between Olimpia and Kmita. We will dig a similar well in the courtyard as a soldier Anselm of Józefów did and discover the stories behind the iron gate of the chapel at Ogrodzieniec.
The eighth week of our holiday adventures with ghosts we will spend at Pieskowa Skała accompanied by a fay called Dottie. In the bastion erected on an inaccessible limestone we will trace the origin of the name of the rock and will find out why the Hercules’ Club is the Hercules’ Club and why it is also called the Falcon Rock… We will explore what exactly happened in the cave on the slopes of Mount Chełmowa, what the origin of the name Ojców is and finally we will uncover the mystery of Pięciopalcówka…
The ninth site on our ghostly route is Niedzica where we will encounter the White Lady who guards the legendary treasure of Peruvian Incas. We will learn why Brunhilda ended up in the well and why her husband, Boleslaus, was bold. We will also listen to the stories of love-struck knight Kombek, of Janosik who jumped over the Dunajec River and why the Niedzica Castle was cursed.
Our holiday tour will end in Krakow, on the Wawel Hill to be precise, the seat of the Polish Kings, of the dragon and of the Hindu secret stone of deity Shiva where at night the ghost of Jan Grot, the pious Bishop brawls in the castle… We will solve the riddles of the Wawel dragon, try to find the treasures hidden in the underground labyrinths beneath the Main Square and finally find out who in fact the pigeons of Krakow are.


These adventures – ONLY AT SKAKANKA!



  • WEEK 1. 25.06-29.06 – Malbork with proud spectre of Ulrich von Jungingen
  • WEEK 2. 02.07-06.07 – Nidzica with evil-minded Teutonic prosecutor
  • WEEK 3. 09.07-13.07 – Gniew – with thrifty spirit of the Komtur or Knights Commander, Sigmund von Ramungen
  • WEEK 4. 16.07-20.07 – Sucha – with repenting soul of Gertrude, the White Lady
  • WEEK 5. 23.07-27.07 – Książ – with good spectre of Duchess Daisy
  • WEEK 6. 30.07-03.08 – Bobolice – with beautiful and sad phantom of the Pale Lady
  • WEEK 7. 06.08-10.08 – Ogrodzieniec – with blood thirsty spectre of the castellan Warszycki castellan
  • WEEK 8. 13.08-17.08 – Pieskowa Skała – with unhappy little ghost of Dottie ze smutną (4-day event)
  • WEEK 9. 20.08-24.08 – Niedzica – with phantom of the White Lady, Princess Umina
  • WEEK 10. 27.08-31.08 – Kraków-Wawel – with ghost-trouble maker of pious Bishop Jan Grot



Monday – on-site activities
Tuesday – off-site visit
Wednesday – on-site activities
Thursday – off-site visit – rock climbing
Friday – on-site activities

**Off-site visits/outings and some activities will depend on weather conditions.



8.00-8.30 – Drop off
8.30-10.00 – Group gymnastics session
10.00-10.30 – Snack break
10.30-12.00 – Group climbing session
12.00-12.45 – Lunch break
12.45-13.30 – Brain boosting session
13.30-15.00 – Team activities (games and plays) held outdoors if the weather is fine
15.00-15.30 – Tee break (fruit and beverages)
15.30-16.30 – Arts and Crafts
16.30-17.00 – Pick-up time


Every off-site visit will have its own itinerary. There are fixed hours when activities commence and finish and when meals are served.
8.00-8.30 – Arrival of kids and start of the classes
16.30-17.00 – End of the classes and pick-up time



Total cost of one week is PLN 650, ‘4-day week’ from 13th to 17th August 2018 is PLN 530.
One can book single half-days which cost PLN 140 each.

  1. Purchase of more than one week half day camp:
    • A 5% discount on every following week,
  2. Purchase of half day camp for siblings:
    • second sibling receives a 5% discount,
    • third sibling gets a 10% discount,
    • fourth and the next sibling gets a 15% discount,
  3. If the reservation has been made and the entire participation fee paid in due time (the date on which the amount was transferred to the account is the final date):
    • by 18th May 2018 – a 10% discount,
    • from 19th May to 1st June 2018 – a 5% discount.

The fee covers the supervision and classes with highly-qualified instructors, scheduled daily activities ranging from all day frisking and climbing, recreational gymnastics, meals such as snacks, two-course lunch, tee time, free spring water without any limit and ride fares.
The fee does not cover admissions and tickets required for off-site visits in a given week.



To make a reservation, one has to either send an e-mail including PARTICIPANT’S FULL NAME, AGE, THE FIRST AND LAST DAY OF THE PARTICIPANT’S STAY or fill out a form and once the preliminary reservation has been confirmed, the entire participation fee for a half-day camp should be paid at the cash desk or into the CSE SkakAnka bank account: 61 1950 0001 2006 0563 2857 0002, two weeks at the latest prior to the first day of half-day camp on which the reservation has been made.
If the payment has not been made within the period stated, the booking will be cancelled.

Subject: HOLIDAY FRISKING 2018 – Ewa Kowalska
Ewa Kowalska, 7 years old, 25.06-29.06, Anna Kowalska 123 456 789, anna.kowalska@



WEEK 1. – Malbork
25/26/27/28/29.06 - BOOKED

WEEK 2. – Nidzica
2/3/4/5/6.07 - BOOKED

WEEK 3. – Gniew
9/10/11/12/13.07 - BOOKED

WEEK 4. – Sucha
16/17/18/19/20.07 - BOOKED

WEEK 5. – Książ
23/24/25/26/27.07 - BOOKED

WEEK 6. – Bobolice
30.07/01/02/03/04.08 - BOOKED

WEEK 7. – Ogrodzienieco
6/7/8/9/10.08 - BOOKED

WEEK 8. – Pieskowa Skała (4-DAY WEEK)
15.08 - closed | 14/16/17.08 - BOOKED

WEEK 9. – Niedzica
20/21/22/23/24.08 - BOOKED

WEEK 10. – Kraków-Wawel
27/28/29/30/31.08 - BOOKED

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