👻 Summer Day Camps 2018 👻

During summer holidays from 25th June to 31st August 2018 inclusive!

At SkakAnka!

At what time?
Sessions run from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. Kids may arrive as early as 8.00 am. Pick-up time from 5.00 pm.

How is it going to be?
Definitely, in a SkakAnka fashion 🤩, as usual! That is Holidaying 🤹‍♀️! Sports🏃‍♂️! Riddling❓! Marvellous✨! Legends📜! With Ghosts and Spectres👻! Slightly Scary☠! Climbing🧗‍♂️! Unforgettable💫! Joyful😁! Fantastic😆! Absorbing🙋‍♂️! Gymnastics🤸‍♂️! Emotional🎈! Awesome Entertainment👍!

What are we planning to do?
During our two-month holiday break all the Friskers are welcome to join us on our exciting tours visiting the Polish castles, their stories and secrets. All this will happen in a dusty atmosphere of local folk tales and legends.
It will take us 10 weeks to travel between the historical past and the present days, between the truth and the legend, between the adventure and the mysteriousness! And all this in the atmosphere of active entertainment 😀 while climbing 🧗‍♀️ and doing the gymnastics 🤸‍♂️ in the company of apparitions of the past 😱, playful little ghosts 👻, fulfilled and unfulfilled hopes💕 but as well as… in the company of banished spectres 😨.



  • WEEK 1. 25.06-29.06 – Malbork with proud spectre of Ulrich von Jungingen
  • WEEK 2. 02.07-06.07 – Nidzica with evil-minded Teutonic prosecutor
  • WEEK 3. 09.07-13.07 – Gniew – with thrifty spirit of the Komtur or Knights Commander, Sigmund von Ramungen
  • WEEK 4. 16.07-20.07 – Sucha – with repenting soul of Gertrude, the White Lady
  • WEEK 5. 23.07-27.07 – Książ – with good spectre of Duchess Daisy
  • WEEK 6. 30.07-03.08 – Bobolice – with beautiful and sad phantom of the Pale Lady
  • WEEK 7. 06.08-10.08 – Ogrodzieniec – with blood thirsty spectre of the castellan Warszycki castellan
  • WEEK 8. 13.08-17.08 – Pieskowa Skała – with unhappy little ghost of Dottie ze smutną (4-day event)
  • WEEK 9. 20.08-24.08 – Niedzica – with phantom of the White Lady, Princess Umina
  • WEEK 10. 27.08-31.08 – Kraków-Wawel – with ghost-trouble maker of pious Bishop Jan Grot


For more info or in order to book a spot please visit a page dedicated to the day camps.