Weekly Themes

🎃 Wicked Week at SkakAnka! 👻

Acrobatic and Climbing Serial – Season 2017/2018, Episode: 9


This week SkakAnka is in the grip of ghosts 👻, creatures 👾 and monsters ☠. Another Wicked 😱 Week 📅 will bring us lots of funny, chilling and frightening impressions. 👍 Our guides in the Monstrous Town will be esurient 🍬 ghosts 👻👻, who will show us some scary tricks for the SkakAnlloween.
Our gymnasts will be able to take a flight on the Spider 🕷️ 🕸️ Wetlands, will take a ride on the Railway of Fear 🎢 leading through the BaTunnel 🦇 and will have the opportunity to face the passage through the Field of Voracious Pumpkins 🎃🎃🎃.
Dark Climbing in the darkness of SkakAnlloween is waiting for our climbers, where there are various phantom 💀 instructors 👺 and the descent on the Terrible Scary Slime-Slide. 📉
At the end of the class, we will be attending to the amazing Ghost Parade 🚩😱😈👺💀👽👾🤖😵🚩 which will culminate our visit to SkakAnlloween

Such a wicked week can be found only at SkakAnka! 🤣